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Lakeshore 1500 lb Capacity Boat and PWC Lift

Lakeshore 1500 lb Capacity Boat and PWC Lift
230.00 lbs
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Lakeshore LSP Cantilever lift is lightweight, and an inexpensive lift for small boats like sailboats, aluminum fishing boats, paddle boats, small outboards, and pwc's.There are many boats that are just too small or inexpensive to warrant a Vertical Lift. Lakeshore buildes this attractive, effective, and affordable Cantilever lift that will handle up to 1500 lb. and accommodate boats up to 76" wide. PWC Lifts aren’t just for PWC’s anymore. With four models to choose from for a full range of small boats as well as all sizes of PWC’s. Our lifts feature a distinctive and attractive design that is engineered for strength and dependability. LSP Cantilever lifts have Fully adjustable carpeted bunks cradles and protects the bottom of your boat. 25" Aluminum wheel easy to use, powder coated in our signature red for a durable long lasting finish. Heavy duty winch durable zinc plating resists rust better than a painted winch. Fully adjustable legs come standard on all of our Personal watercraft Lifts. Longer length legs are available for deep water. Welded bushings provide extra reinforcement at pivot points, unlike drilled holes that can wear out. Exclusive pulley bar design one piece design works better than independent pulleys, results in longer cable life, and shields your boat from any contact with the cable.