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LAKE RAKE Specially Designed for removing LAKE and pond WATER WEEDS
The WeedRaker is the Longest, Widest, and Deepest digging lake rake in the industry specifically designed to be very effective at removing lake and pond water weeds and debris floating on the surface of the water. The WeedRaker is also designed to dig and pull the stems and roots of your lake and pond weeds slowing or eliminating their re-growth. This rake is ideal for removing the organic matter at the bottom of your lake which fuels the regrowth of more water weeds, aquatic vegetation!
The WEEDRAKER is the best tool in the industry to pull in free floating weeds like Water Hyacinth, Bladderwort, Salvinia, Water Lettuce, etc.
Weighing less than 7 lbs, it is light enough to toss 55 feet away. The rake head is hollow and can be filled with floating material to make it float, or with gravel or other weighted material to make it dig deeper.
With WeedRaker you can:
-Keep your beach front free from floating water weeds and debris
-Collect large mats of floating debris with the super sized rake head
-Clean your beach, root up weeds and remove muck
-Keep your lake bottom weed free and harvest your cut weeds.
-Remove decaying organic matter from your lake and pond bottom
-Weigh the hollow rake head down with rock to dig deep in the bottom
-Pull weeds in from 55 feet away
The Weed Raker comes in a box that is 2” x 5” x 39". The Weed Raker has a four section handle that snaps together giving the user up to 11 feet of reach and comes with 43 feet of rope.
SKU SKU17740
Weight 20.00 lbs
Our price: $149.99