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Hewitt Roll-A-Dock
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Let the good times roll – Setting the standard in portable dock design since 1971
Roll-A-Dock is simply the fastest and easiest way to get full enjoyment from your waterfront property. In cold climates, there’s no need to endure frigid water – just roll it in and you’re ready for action. Roll-A-Dock is ideally suited to gradual slopes and works equally well on soft or rocky bottoms. A basic dock can be easily placed using a vehicle or installed in a matter of minutes by as few as two people.
Easy Adjustment Over a Wide Range of Depths
A built-in winch with removable hand crank allows quick height adjustment for different depths or changing water levels. Adjustments are easily made without ever stepping into the water. Standard Model adjusts from 2-1/2’ to 5-1/2’. Deep Water Kit adjusts from 2-1/2’ to 8’.
4' and 6' Widths, Aluminum or Galvanized Steel
While some portable docks are as narrow as 36”, Roll-A-Dock gives you the choice of 4’ or 6’ wide models - plenty of room for people to meet and pass. Select all-aluminum construction for low weight and easy handling or galvanized steel for maximum strength.
Decking Options
For details on decking materials, click here.
Cedar Skidguard* Aluminum ThruFlow
* Available on 2', 4' and 8' wide docks only.
Design Your Own Dock Layout
Roll-A-Dock is easily lengthened with add-on sections or expanded to form
“T”s, “L”s or side platforms. A wide variety of accessories are also available. Add-on sections can be attached to one or both sides. Available sizes: 2', 4', 6' widths, and 4', 8', 16' lengths. Custom sizes also available. Shown below are just a few possible layouts.

Built Better to Better Meet Your Needs
With the strength of its design, Roll-A-Dock can be extended to virtually any length you need. The basic starter unit is a 16’ long wheel-end assembly. 4’, 8’ and 16’ add-on sections can be connected to make a single free-span dock up to 48’ long. For greater lengths, simply install a dock hinge and continue adding sections with wheel kits and supports. Ramps, triangular sections and side sections are also available to complete your installation. Roll-A-Dock will provide a lifetime of service. All-aluminum frames, galvanized steel frames and all other components have been designed for low maintenance and superior resistance to corrosion.

Double Bracing
Roll-A-Dock’s unique “V” type bracing reduces the clear span on a 32’ dock to only 21’. This design gives the wheel assembly superior strength both front and rear and assures maximum stability on soft or rocky bottoms.

Double Strength Connections
With Roll-A-Dock’s exclusive connecting system, there is no loss of strength, even at the joints. The integrity of this design makes it possible to have a steel frame dock up to 32’ in length that requires no extra supports.

Bridged Framework
The Roll-A-Dock tapered frame incorporates design principles proven in bridge and rafter construction. This design provides maximum strength with a minimum of weight. The open sides of the frame also improve stability by reducing wave resistance.

Inboard Mounted Winch and Cable
The height adjusting winch and cable is located inside the dock frame for greater safety. There are no exposed parts to snag – nothing to damage your boat when you pull along side.

Winch Operation
The height adjusting winch is operated with a removable hand crank that is inserted in an opening in the deck surface. Height adjustments can be made while standing on the deck.

Optional Light Dock Hinge
Recommended for use on longer, multi-section docks over 48 ft long equipped with two or more wheel bases.
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  • Author: D Wet
    I have had the same a Roll-A_Dock for over 15 years with the white wrinkle finish. I've loved this dock so much is moved with me from Lake house to lake house. Never gets hot, I can power wash and it looks like new. Doesn't stain. It's incredibly durable, from the finish to the frame. I added a 16 foot section about 8 year into owning it like nothing, it now 48 feet long with 4 4'x8' sections placed at the end to give us a 16' x12' area to watch and play with then kids. I rolls in and out with my little John Deere 318 even though there is a fair amount of muck. Truly one of better life purchases I have ever made. Thanks for making such a great product!
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